About online slot games

Online slot games have become highly popular with South African online casino players. Online casinos are making their slot games available for free to Saffer players so that they can experience their casinos with no risk. Players searching for free online slots in South Africa, click here: { }

Types of online slots

3-Reel slots are most basic and feature between 1 and 5 pay lines. The more popular 5-reel slots are much more entertaining and can have up to 100 pay lines. Modern 5-reel slot games also feature way pays the dramatically increase the ways of winning for the players.

  1. 3-reel slots
  2. 5-reel video slots
  3. Progressive jackpot slots

The third main type of online slot games are progressive jackpot slot games which are networked slots, typically among a single game provider's partner casinos. All players playing these slots contribute to a series of huge jackpot prizes which could make winners instant millionaires.

Other types of online slots

Another type of slot game is a video slot. Whereas they are based on 5-reel slots, video slot games can feature high definition graphics, videos and sound. Graphic technology also allows for 3D graphics to be used. These games usually include plenty of bonus features.

A last type of online slot games are mobile slots. These 5-reel games can be enjoyed on iOS or Android devices and bring in the convenience factor for the player. HTML5 technology allows for a similar players experience when players move from a desktop to a mobile platform.

What are free slots?

Many legit casinos trying to enter new markets such as South Africa, make their real-play slot catalogue available for free for various reasons. This means the player can enjoy the exact game play and features of slot games without having to deposit money.

The risk to the slot player is minimised while playing for free. However, casinos which place emphasis and focus on player trust and a seamless player experience will offer their games for free without expecting the player to first register with the casino.

What are the benefits of free-play slots?

The benefits of playing free slots games to the player are two-fold in the main. Legal casinos are tying to break into the new South African market but are, due to past legislation issues and stigma around online gambling, facing sceptical and careful players.

  • Players can see if the casino is legit
  • Players can see if slot games are fair
  • Players can see if they can trust the casino

South African players can play slots for free first so that they can get a sense of how the casino operates. Also, by checking out the game variety they can see of the game providers are providing licensed slot games and get a feel for themes and bonus features.


And in summary ...

More and more online casinos are trying to break into the opening South African online gambling market. They are facing sceptical players who have been burned by unscrupulous operators in the past. Free slot games help to allay these fears and build up a relationship of trust.

South African players enjoy the transparency that playing free-slot games afford then so that they can properly research casinos and find slot games that suit their preferences and playing style. Armed with this knowledge they can make informed choices on choosing a casino for a long-term relationship.